Sue made a remarkable presentation to our team. Her personal story, as well as her passion for life, was felt throughout the room. She was very inspirational as she related the story of her son, Brooks Thompson, and the way he went about living his life with one message ~ Be Uncommon. We appreciate Sue for her desire to give back in the way of delivering a message of having a positive attitude and ultimate belief in yourself.

Coach Mike Boynton, Oklahoma State Men’s Basketball

As a sports “mom” that has experienced the highs and lows of competition and personal tragedy, Sue Thompson’s message of overcoming obstacles and choosing to be “UNCOMMON” hits home with student-athletes, coaches, and parents alike. Her incredible passion immediately draws in the audience and her use of personal anecdotes, humor, and tools for victory keeps everyone engaged throughout. In the end, those fortunate enough to hear her message will walk away with a plan for success in sport, and in life.

A.D. Chris E., Littleton, CO

Sue Thompson’s passion, dedication and energy directed toward carrying on her son’s (Brooks Thompson) vision is absolutely captivating.  Her ability to connect with players, parents and coaches is extremely evident from the beginning of her presentation.  If motivating and inspiring youth to embrace life’s vigor is important to you, then engaging Sue to speak to your team, club or organization is a must!

Coach John B., Littleton, CO

This motivational speech by Sue Thompson was spot on!  She is so entertaining to listen to, and has many nuggets of wisdom to share with young athletes. I love her acronym, UNCOMMON, that she refers to when talking about how important attitude is.  "You have a choice to either sink or swim." Each of the letters refers to a formula for success, all driven by being bold, brave and uncommon.  "If you think you can, you can, if you think you can't, you can't.  The winner is the man who thinks he can."

Christy Lyle, Denver CO

I am very excited for you and the impact you will have on your audiences.

A wonderful message you bring to all you meet and help others optimize their lives.

I am with you all the way, get ready for your standing ovation.

Peter Maw, Canada

I'm so excited for you that your dream is now a reality! On 2/22/18 there will be many young lives blessed because they were privileged to hear you speak to them about choosing to ”be uncommon”  in this crazy selfish world.  In 10 years, they may not remember your name, but they will remember that this petite fiery red headed beautiful woman they once heard speak, encouraged them that choosing to “be uncommon” will allow them the opportunity of greatness!! 

Dianne Nugent, McKinney TX

 “Passionate, tenacious, purposeful, dynamic, positive, dependable, cheerful, enthusiastic, warm, fun, unstoppable, tireless, energetic, determined…these are a few of my favorite words that describe Sue Thompson. What a winner!”  

Leslie Moser, Dallas,  Texas


You have always, and, you continue to amaze me with your vitality and positive energy.

Sue, you are a lighthouse for all, to help keep us on course, to navigate through the obstacles and challenges of life.

Thank you for the on-going guidance, particularly when the light can dim,

you keep it bright!

Pete Maw, California


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